“Stacey is the real deal. She helped me with my grief and getting to the blockages I had in place that prevented me from healing. So fast, she got to the crux of the matter that I say was better than any traditional therapist that might take weeks. She tapped into souls living and past and knew my soul’s struggle that no one else knows. Her sessions are peaceful and raw at the same time. I never got that deep about my inner self and I felt the healing. Thank you Stacey. You are truly gifted.”

Lelia Hall

“Stacey McCann is one of a kind. She has a unique ability to tune in to exactly what I am feeling and understand it without my having to take hours to explain. In my life I’ve worked with many forms of healers, therapists, and coaches both traditional and alternative and none of them were able to pinpoint, clarify, and guide me in transitioning through an issue with the speed that Stacey can.”

Lurah Bridges

“Stacey is the real deal. I started seeing her about a year ago and I’ve referred family and friends who have also been “Wow’d.” She’s definitely tapped into the higher powers. If you’re in need of clarification or a major re-boot, you’ll be in good hands.”

Robyn P.

“She has a special gift! At the end of my session she made me feel super relaxed and with a clear mindset of my circumstances. I feel like a new person. Thanks Stacey for listening to me and guiding me in my goals.”

Eda Ivonne Valle

“I would very much recommend Stacey to anyone. Stacey is very intuitive and has my complete trust. In the short amount of time that she has worked with me I feel we have broken down so many barriers.”

Barbie Bethke

“Thank You Stacie, I have benefited from your knowledge several times. You always Amaze me how you can get to the heart of the issue so quickly and bring new insight to it.”

Rebecca Shank

“Stacey is incredible at what she does. I trust her completely and she has helped in so many ways in such a short period of time. I highly recommend her!”

Meghan Corso

“Stacey is truly gifted and she can upgrade your life! I have been doing Light Coach sessions with her for over 4 months. Every time I see her, she can read and release what’s holding me back. She tells me the answers to the questions I didn’t know I had. She explains what my energy is doing. This has put me on an accelerated path of healing and growth in no way I have found before. Her Light Coach sessions are an important component to my evolution because I needed to leap into a new phase of career and personal growth and I have only just begun. Go see Stacey, your upgrade is the first step to a more insightful and connected version of yourself.”

Crystal WIlson

“Highly recommended if you’re in need of life changes! I began sessions with Stacey 1.5 years ago. I was skeptical and unsure of positive results, even more so because I didn’t understand what Stacey is or does. Yet she made it so easy! I liken it to prior living in candlelight to now having full blown sunlight. A deeper understanding of myself and an awareness of what’s going on around me. Now capable of making better life choices and certainties of decisions for my betterment, rather than second guessing everything I do. Thanks to Stacey, I now live in light. I see and understand SO much more!”

Lisa G

“Although I am not yet where I wish to be in the healing that is taking place in my life, I am on the right path and I am leaps and bounds above where I would be without Stacey. Even if you don’t believe it will change your life, it will. That is the beauty of it.”

Kelly – NJ

“In only 2 visits, I am experiencing changes in my life I’ve sought for years, I just never knew how to go about making them happen. A definite awakening IS occurring. A conscious awareness of not only what is around me, but more importantly, inside. I love that Stacey is about your now, your future. And finally, I’m realizing I really am in control of them both.

Jorge – NJ

“Stacey has something so special that she offers. She is intuitive and eloquent. She taps into your inner soul and helps you work thru and deal with mental, physical and emotional issues. She has a magic touch and you will walk away with no doubt something shifted!”

Lisa – FL

“I met Stacey during the final stages of my treatment for cancer. She really helped me tap into my true persona and reach my higher self during my most difficult time in my life. Through my work with her, I have changed and evolutionized my goal towards my recovery. She is a great mentor, friend, confidant and teacher. I will be forever grateful.

Joanne – N.J