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Stacey McCann Spiritual Awakening

Awakening Session

Stacey helps you bridge the gap by taking you beyond the physical and into a higher level of consciousness and experience. When the mind is expanded healing happens and change begins. It is here that you are awakened into greater insight, understanding and the ability to transcend feelings and experiences that don’t make you happy. Awakening is a safe easy and effective way to transform any problem or situation in your life. A session lasts about 45 minutes and is a noninvasive, very relaxing experience. Stacey will place her hands-on different parts of your body as she reads and adjusts your energy. At the end of the session Stacey will give you messages, insight and information based on the session providing you with guidance, hope and understanding. 

Although you will feel a difference in just one session 4 Sessions is recommended.

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Mystic Life Coaching

Advice, information, direction and planning. Stacey goes beyond the limitations of life coaching by integrating the physical and mystical aspects of you. 

Life coaching is limited by human conditions and thinking but Mystic Life Coaching takes you beyond those limitations into a whole new realm of possibilities by taping into your innate talents and skills as well as helping you to expand into higher intelligence and consciousness. Stacey will teach you how to live a mystical life by awakening you to your spiritual nature. This enables you to see yourself from a new perspective and move into a direction that is aligned with your highest goals, your spiritual purpose and your innate ability to create your own happiness. 

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House Blessings, Cleansing, & Purification

Did you know that old and lingering energy can affect you and your family in a negative way? Did you know that energy you pick up from other people such as work, and public places can alter the way you feel?  Did you know that the new home you moved into may still have the energy of the old homeowners of tenants? Why allow someone else’s energy to interfere with your life? 

Blessing a home will change all that? When a space is Blessed, it changes the energy of that space attracting more love, happiness, peace, protection and blessings upon the occupants and those who enter. Blessings have been known to improve relationships, communication and productivity too.

Don’t let someone else’s energy affect your well-being. Call to schedule your House Blessing now.

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Mystic Messages and Readings

Mystic Messages, Readings and Healing

I offer readings and healing via phone, skype or zoom. 

30 or 60 minute readings available by appointment only. 

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Awakening Workshop

Spiritual Awakening Workshop

This is the Art of Awakening and enlightenment through the practice and understanding of Self empathy. As we learn to recognize and acknowledge our feelings we have the power to change the energy in relationship to the vibrations and frequencies of these feelings. It's similar to changing the radio station in your car. We simply tune our energy up or down to reach the desired frequency. Did you know changing your life is as easy as turning a knob? 

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