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Spiritual Awakening Session

Spiritual Awakening Session

A session lasts about 45 minutes and is a noninvasive, very relaxing experience. Stacey will place her hands on you on different parts of your body. This is an individual experience and not all people feel the same. This unique service is intended to initiate you into higher dimensions and levels of consciousness. You will go into future dimensions to bring out your strengths and alters your weaknesses so you can consciously be the best you can be. At the end of the session, she will give personal insight and information based on the session providing you with new perspectives, ideas, direction and understanding about yourself.

$150.00 Per session

Spiritual Awakening Plan

Spiritual Awakening PLAN

Spiritual Awakenings are life changing. It is change in its highest form for your highest good. Spiritual Awakening Plans are similar to Spiritual Awakening sessions but are geared specifically to awaken the Gift of Divinity (GOD) within you. When the G.O.D. is awakened you will reach higher levels of consciousness and understanding. You will become a “Spiritually Fluid” human being. This is the evolution of the soul into the next generation of human experience. This is where heaven and Earth merge into one universal consciousness and where the future becomes the now. It is where fear and doubt are transformed into peace and understanding and Spiritual Fluidity is the new way of living. This is where doors open and you start to thrive because you are in alignment with your destiny. If you want to take your life to the next level the PLAN is right for you.


$899.00 per Awakening

One Awakening = 6 sessions

Spiritual Awakening Intensive

Spiritual Awakening INTENSIVE

This is Spiritual Awakening on an intensive fast track.  It is the same as Spiritual Awakenings except that it is condensed into 4 sessions to be completed within 7 days. This is for the serious transformer and/or those with limited time restraints. This also includes 2 follow up emails sessions should you have any questions upon completion.  

$599.00 per Intensive

One Intensive = 4 sessions and 2 follow up emails

Spiritual Consultations

Phone Consultations

Call me for Insight, Understanding, Healing and Advice on all matters of life. I can Help!

$100.00 per 45 minutes

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