MindKeeping Session

Stacey McCann is an empathic healer and an experienced energy healer in Florida with the ability to understand how and why people feel the way they do. She can find and heal your hidden and suppressed thoughts and emotions.
A 45-minute Florida energy healing session with Stacey is a safe, noninvasive, relaxing, easy and effective way to change any problem or situation in your life. At the end of the session, Stacey will discuss with you what you need to do to move forward in your life.

Empathic Healer


Stacey’s MindKeeping program is sure to change your life. This eight week mind body tune up declutters, organizes, and upgrades your mind taking you from feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed, to feeling renewed, refreshed, and ready to take on the world. Stacey helps you understand what your mind wants and needs for you to feel your best and achieve lasting happiness. Each session builds on the last, helping you see new possibilities with a refreshed mind and a new perspective. With her background in mind body communication, and energy healing she is the kind of mind coach Florida has not seen before.

MindKeeping Classes

MindKeeping Classes
MindKeeping (Level 1) is a 4-week class that teaches you how to become your own Mindkeeper. This class will give you the tools to declutter, organize and upgrade your own mind giving you the power to change the things in your life that don’t make you happy into experiences and realities that do make you happy.

This Course covers:

  • Understanding your mind as a system
  • How to recognize the difference between your mind and body
  • How to clear and organize your mind
  • Recognizing what needs to go and what can stay
  • When, how and what to expect when making changes
  • How to upgrade your mind
  • Tools for maintaining a clean and upgraded mind

We meet once a week for 4 weeks. Each class is an hour and a half in length. In-person and online classes available.

MindKeeping 2 Class– MindKeeping 2 is a more advanced version of MindKeeping. It teaches you different techniques to reach specific goals. This class also helps you to manage and organize your mind more efficiently by determining what you want to accomplish. When you determine your goal, you will know what technique to use to reach your desired outcome.
Call or email for details

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MindKeeping Meditation

MindKeeping is a Self-Healing Meditation with a Futuristic twist. Unlike traditional meditation, the emphasis is not on quieting the mind but engaging the mind to focus on situations that you want to change. Incorporating energy healing therapy techniques, MindKeeping meditation can be performed by anyone from beginner to advanced.
Check the calendar for upcoming classes.

Spiritual Counseling by Phone/Zoom/Skype

Stacey uses her gifts as an empathic healer and MindKeeper to help you find answers to your questions and solutions to your problems. Her straightforward approach will leave you feeling uplifted, understood, and with renewed confidence. Just a phone call away, she is always happy to help you with guidance and direction.
Calls are 30 or 60 minutes via phone/Zoom/Skype

Prayer Requests

Do you need extra help with your prayers? Do you have a special request or need that you want help with? Let Stacey help you. A respected energy healer in Florida, Stacey will pray and use meditation techniques with you on your request. Afterwards, she will continue to pray for you for 3 days and your request will be added to her prayer board in her energy healing office. Please submit your prayer requests through our Contact Us form.