Mindkeeping &
Other Classes

Mindkeeping Class

Have you taken a meditation class where you felt calm and relaxed only to lose that feeling 5 minutes after the class when your life goes back to your routine? MindKeeping solves that problem because it is a meditation dedicated to teaching you how to awaken your mind and manage and maintain that calm feeling for extended periods of time. 

Unlike traditional meditation, the emphasis is not on quieting the mind but engaging the mind to focus on situations that you want to change while providing the formula to make those positive changes happen. 

This class will teach you: 

  • How to go beyond your five senses
  • How to see and understand yourself as an energy system
  • How to organize and discern your thoughts and feelings
  • How to analyze, repair and reprogram your system
  • How to increase your mental, emotional and spiritual intelligence
  • How to heal yourself


4 Week Class – 1 ½ hour each 

Mindkeeping Transformation and Discussion Group

This group is for all of those that want to awaken and transform the issues of everyday life and start living from a higher perspective. Stacey will help you navigate through the challenges, roadblocks, potholes, misconceptions and questions of life and guide you on a transformational Mindkeeping meditation that will leave you feeling transformed and different in a very good way. 

All Souls Welcome from beginner to advanced 

Other Classes and Workshops

  • MindKeeping Corporate Workshops – Call for pricing 
  • Understanding Spiritual Keywords 
  • The Art of Being Selfish 
  • The meaning and power of your Dreams 
  • Energy, Frequency, and Vibration 
  • Defining Moments 
  • What does this mean? (your experiences explained) 
  • The Mind, Body, Spirit Connection 
  • Managing Spiritual Expectations 
  • Release the Old, Embrace the New 
  • What it means to be Empathic or a Highly Sensitive Person 
  • 10 Stress reducing ways to get through the Holidays 

Please check calendar for upcoming class dates and locations