Lumenation: The Art of Self Healing

The Art of Self Healing

This is a 6- week course that introduces you into a new way of thinking, being and living. We fail to change because we approach our lives from only one perspective but, by expanding that perspective we find new ideas, possibilities, talents and wisdom that make our lives better.  In just 6 weeks, you will be in control of your life like never before. This will leave you feeling happy, empowered and with skills you can use for the rest of your life. 

This Course covers:

  • The philosophy, the lifestyle and the healing methods of Lumenation
  • Getting to know yourself and the many aspects of self
  • Understanding Energy and how it affects you
  • The techniques of self-healing and when and how to use them How to recognize what about you is in sync and what is not
  • When, how and what to expect when you make changes 
  • How to understand yourself and others from a higher perspective 
  • How to maintain your happiness and well being 
  • Self- Healing as an art form

Class Limited to 20 participants

The Art of Self Healing Class

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