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Stacey McCann

Stacey McCann

Stacey McCann is a Mystic ChangeMaker and an Awakened Consciousness and Lifestyle Expert.  She has taught herself how to transform, heal and awaken to the next consciousness we call God by mastering the vibrations and frequencies of her feelings. This gives Stacey access to skills, talents, wisdom and knowledge that is beyond the physical consciousness. Stacey believes that feeling is the doorway to awakening and as we open and adjust to our feelings, transformation comes easy. Stacey is an expert at bridging the gap between the human consciousness and the Awakened experience. She offers a variety of classes, Private Awakening Sessions and Mystic Life Coaching. 

Stacey has been practicing Awakening for 30 year

Stacey's Story

Stacey's Story

From as early as she can remember she had a heightened consciousness or awareness that was way beyond her years. There was an adult voice talking inside her head. Even though she was a child, there was a mature presence that was with her.

Recognizing that nobody around her could feel or understand what she was experiencing made her feel reluctant and ashamed for being this way. She believed that there was something wrong with her and she did not want deal with it. She tucked it away in hope that it would never return.

About fifteen years later Stacey’s youngest child was diagnosed as borderline asthmatic. She had 2 other children, no medical insurance and a job she needed to get to. She did not have time or money to stay home with a sick child so she listened to the voice inside once again. It said. “Put your hands on him with the intent to draw out the infection”. It worked. Every time he started to get sick she would put her hands on him and he would be better by the next day. This wasn’t the placebo effect because he was only 6 months old and was too young to be swayed by any kind of influence.   

Stacey was determined to figure out what she did and how she did it. She started to seek out healers and other people who provided other alternative modalities to try to understand but soon realized that nobody really knew any more than she did. They could point her in the right direction but it was up to her to figure it out for herself. 

Stacey has taught herself how to transform, heal and awaken by manipulating the vibrations and frequencies of her energy. To her everything is energy which is spiritual by nature. Stacey believes when we understand what we are the rest is easy. 

Stacey has been practicing Spiritually for 27 years. 

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Stacey McCann is a Mystic ChangeMaker, Mystical LIfe Coach and Healer. She has dedicated her life to helping others awakening  to a higher  consciousness and lifestyle. 

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