Stacey explains how Lumenation can change you life and  save valuable time and money too. 

When you want Answers

And healing, coaching and therapy is just not enough

Book your session today and start making changes in less than a hour. 

Lumenation vs Healing


Lumenation is better for you because it connects the physical you to the non-physical you.  As you merge, you feel great because you are returning to your natural state. It is in the merging that we find answers to your questions and  information specifically intended for you to move forward into a higher quality of life. 

Lumenation integrates all aspects of you simultaneously, creating fast lasting results that save you from wasting valuable time and money.

Alchemy Release

Try this quick exercise everyday for a week. Tell me how you feel afterwards.

Lumenation Session 1 hr | $125.00


Restore your peace

If you have an open mind, a desire to grow, to get re-connected, she's  the one to help you.  She's a Pro with relationships, with health  issues, emotions, and anything that is in the way of your peace and happiness.

- Robyn P.

Get more connected

Stacey has brought awareness to aspects of my life that needed to be shifted and connected. I learned how to connect to my real self. Every time she works on me, I get answers to questions I never knew I had. As a result, my creativity and professional growth has been accelerated. It's amazing how my life has improved!

- Crystal W.

See into yourself

Stacey is an old soul with such an amazing gift of insight. She helps you see into yourself with a true healers touch. If you have any doubts-give it a chance. You will believe and be writing the next review! She's amazing.

- Liza A.

Control your future

In only 2 visits, I am experiencing changes in my life I've sought for years, I just never knew how to go about making them happen. A definite awakening IS occurring. A conscious awareness of not only what  is around me, but more importantly, inside. I love that Stacey is about your now and your future. And finally! I'm realizing I really am in control of them both.

- Linda R.

Move through issues quickly

Stacey McCann is one of a kind. She has a unique ability to tune in to exactly what I am feeling and understand it without my having to take hours to explain. In my life, I've worked with many forms of healers, therapists, and coaches both traditional and alternative and none of them were able to pinpoint, clarify, and guide me in transitioning through an issue with the speed that Stacey can.

- Lurah B.

Make better life choices

Highly recommended if you're in need of life changes! I began sessions with Stacey 1.5 years ago. I was skeptical and unsure of positive results, even more so because I didn't understand what Stacey is or does. Yet she made it so easy! I liken it to prior living in candlelight to now having full blown sunlight. A deeper understanding of myself and an awareness of what's going on around me. Now capable of making better life choices, Thanks to Stacey, I now live in light. I see and understand SO much more!

- Lisa G.

Lumenation Session 1 hr | $125.00