A healthy work-life balance is critical to one’s physical and mental health. For many people, this is an unattainable feat given the ever-demanding workloads, family responsibilities, and the need to maintain a healthy social life. Apart from proper time management, reducing commitments, and making a to-do list, life coaching has proved to be a more effective way of achieving a healthy work-life balance. Research shows that 67% of life coaching clients report an improved work-life balance over time. A life coach is not just a professional you share successes and experiences with; they empathize with your situation deeply, helping you achieve a state of healing and relaxation. Here are ways the professional help you achieve a healthy work-life balance.

1. Develop Coping Mechanisms at Home

Family, work, and social life play a critical role in an individual’s life. However, they are also the main causes of a work-life imbalance. The family dynamic, for example, is the most important aspect but ranks the eighth position of the top ten stressors, according to Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale. Since we can’t do without family, a life coach in Florida helps you develop coping mechanisms to boost your resilience to stress at home by:

  • Defining your roles: Once you go home, your role changes to a parent, spouse, or guardian. As such, instead of bringing work home, focus on performing either of these roles
  • Maintaining good health: The empathic healer will also encourage you to eat healthy foods and exercise 30 or more minutes daily
  • Unplug: The internet can take up much valuable time even when at home. Setting a technology curfew helps you to be more intentional about spending and enjoying time away from the workplace
  • Be present at work: Avoid bringing personal issues at work as it only reduces resilience to stress

2. Cultivate Calmness

A calm and composed mind makes smarter and wiser decisions. This is barely achievable if you have a work-life imbalance. You can achieve this state through meditation, e.g., by scheduling 15-minute meditation sessions daily. If performed consistently, it leads to a significant difference in how you spend time, attention, and energy to achieve a better work-life balance.

3. Focus on Your Energy Boosters

A work-life imbalance is not just about having little or no time to spend with loved ones or yourself; it also means spending time on things that drain your energy. Energy healing therapy involves identifying all such activities and those boosting your energy. For example, if you spend time reading all the social media updates, it can be draining to the mind and body. Engage in productive activities like having lunch or coffee with a friend, jogging, visiting the gym, among other activities that boost your energy. An empathic healer may also ask about your friends or people you spend most of your time with at work and in your personal life as they can be huge energy drains. The therapist then helps you find out who drains or boosts your energy and the most suitable action to take.

4. Identify Ways of Dealing with Stress

A survey about the most and the least stressful jobs found that employees working in the military, law enforcement, and the firefighting industries experience the highest stress levels. Jewelers and university professors, on the other hand, experienced the least amount of stress. If you are working in such high-stress industries, look for ways to cope with such stress. Here are some ideas an empathic healer may recommend:

  • Be mindful of your needs: Most people are so occupied with work that they forget about their needs. Meeting your needs avoids the frustration that comes with unmet expectations helping you achieve a healthy work-life balance
  • Develop boundaries: You need to know when to say yes and no.
  • Look for new experiences: Energy healing also involves encouraging clients to take on new experiences. Some people only need a nudge to go for that vacation, hiking, or sign up for a gym membership

A healthy work-life balance not only reduces stress but also makes you more productive in all essential aspects of your life. The good news is you don’t have to do alone; enlisting the help of an empathic healer helps you realize this goal faster.