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Welcome Home

Come! Enter the portal to your new beginning where happiness and joy await. Come to where the Spirit in you resides and greets you once more in the place you came to remember. Experience the space where magic meets practicality and you live from an expanded existence. This place; where life is happy because you have the power to make it so is the cosmic transformation that we have all been waiting for. Are you ready to be Spiritual?

Awakening vs. Healing

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is not just one thing but a number of things. It is awakening to our spiritual nature. It is expanding our consciousness to perceive higher ideals and concepts but most of all it is about change. 

Spiritual Awakening is about changing what we thought we knew about ourselves. It is about understanding ourselves from a whole new perspective and being able to use that new perspective in a way that is practical, productive, natural and creative.

How is this different than healing?

Stacey McCann House Blessing, Cleansing, & Purification

House Blessings, Cleansing & Purifications

Home is where the heart is. It is the center of everything that you do. It is the foundation in which you start your day and the space to rejuvenate. It is where love, family, happiness and memories are made. This is why it is so important to make sure that the home is Blessed, cleansed and purified of energies that don’t belong there.  


Awakening vs. Healing

Awakening vs. Healing

Healing is miraculous there is no doubt about that. Awakening is miraculous too but in a different way. It is a miracle on an expanded level. It is like an explosion of miracles in every cell of your being creating a much higher and Spiritual existence. When this happens, you transform not only on a physical level but in ways that will change your life in the most beautiful and mysterious ways

Another difference is that healing can only progress as far as your healer has spiritually expanded. This means that the healer is only as good as the energy they can hold or carry. For instance, anyone can take a class or seminar to become a healer but not everyone practices and understands spirituality. There is a world of difference.

Lastly, if you heal without awakening you have the potential to end up right back where you started prior to the healing. Awakening prevents you from slipping back because it expands your mind and evolves your consciousness to a higher level where there is no need to go back to where you were.

When you awaken spiritually everything in your life changes for the better. That’s because everything in life is spirit. We are spiritual, healing is spiritual, life is spiritual and most importantly the future is spiritual. As we move forward into the future we feel and see more chaos because we are out of sync with our spiritual nature. Just look at the world. That’s the perfect example of spiritual disconnection.  Yet when we awaken, we are more in tune with the changes in the universe, those subtle energies that we can’t see but can definitely feel on some level. Spiritual awakening creates happiness because it transcends the fear and doubt of human life and balances it with the power and understanding of spiritual living.

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