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Stacey McCann Spiritual Awakening

Opening your MIND to the NEXT Generation of Human Consciousness!


The Awakener

Stacey McCann is “The Awakener.” She is a Spiritual Initiator that awakens the Spirit within. She has the power to take you to the next realm of human existence and into your Spiritual potential. This is change in its highest form. It’s like reaching into the future to gather intelligence and information to use in the now.  Although she is considered by some as a healer; healing is just one of the great side effects of Spiritual Awakening. 


spiritual awakening

How She Does It

Stacey does this by transforming the vibration and frequencies of your energy into higher spiritual consciousness. She can do this for you because she has already done this for herself. As Stacey puts it, “it’s not what she does but what she is.” She is spiritually awakened. Stacey is also “Spiritually Fluid” which means that she can move between human and spiritual consciousness and dimensions at will. There is no separation for her only unity and oneness of consciousness which gives her the power and knowledge to help you awaken too. Stacey says the awakening experience is fun and likens it to solving a puzzle at a very fast speed. 

So, what is the difference between Awakening and Healing

Stacey McCann

About Stacey

Stacey McCann is a Spiritual Awakener, philosopher, healer, ordained Bishop and world-renowned authority on Spiritual Awakening and consciousness. She is a Master of integrating Spirituality and the Human Experience. Stacey is predominately self-taught and her studies are varied and eclectic. They encompass a variety of avenues including world religions, esoteric studies, philosophy, and science.  


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