Stacey McCann Healer

A new kind of Healer

Why Choose Stacey?

Stacey McCann is an Empath, Healer and a life coach in St. Augustine, Florida. She innately understands how and why people feel the way they do, and through her energy healing and meditation processes she delivers real results.

As a self-taught empath and healer, Stacey can provide energy healing specific to your needs that tackle the core of any issue or problem. Stacey is the energy healer you can call on when you need to be restored, relaxed, and rejuvenated, while gaining a higher understanding and connection to yourself that only an expert empathic healer can give.

Stacey uniquely combines multiple disciplines to accelerate your transformation process and bring you back to the light where you have always belonged. This makes Stacey McCann the primary empath, healer and life coach in Florida and around the world.

Our Services

Empathic Healing Session

An empathic healing session with an experienced energy healer in Florida. Lasting around 45 minutes, Stacey will help you to discover how to change any problem or situation you may be facing in your life. Using energy healing and an ability to read your emotions, you’ll never be the same again.


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Life Coaching

An 8 week process including discovering your purpose combined with energy healing sessions, Stacey is the life coach Florida residents can trust to direct their mind, body, and spirit evolution. You’ll uncover possibilities and outcomes in your life that you previously did not know even existed.


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The Art of Self Mastery & Healing

Classes are available for a variety of subjects including self healing, meditation, and more. With guidance from a true empathic healer, you’ll learn about energy healing, the Lumenation method, and how to become everything you ever wanted to be.


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Lumenation is a twist on meditation that helps to change issues by shedding greater light on them. Using principles of energy healing and altering the focus of your meditation, empathic healer Stacey will enable you to bring great positive changes in your life.


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Empathic Online Readings, Advice and Counseling by Phone/Zoom/Skype

A 45-minute energy healing session with Stacey is a safe, noninvasive, relaxing, easy and effective way to change any problem or situation in your life.


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Prayer request

Do you need extra help with your prayers? Do you have a special request or need that you want help with? Let Stacey help you.


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Stacey McCann

“To know yourself is to know You Are Light and when you know your Light, miraculous things happen” – Love, Stacey