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My Dad used to say “Change is the name of the game” He was right. You have to change to move forward. If you don’t change, you don’t evolve and if you don’t evolve you just become a stuck.

Nobody wants to be stuck that’s why you want to change in the first place. The problem is that most people don’t know how to change so, they just change their things and convince themselves that that’s good enough.

Do you want to be anything or have anything you ever wanted? Let me help. I can help you to find the real you inside yourself again and all you have to do, is change your mind.

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What Is An
Awakened Mind?

What does it mean to awaken the mind? Isn’t your mind already awake? How can you be awake and asleep at the same time? It doesn’t seem possible yet it is.

Awakening the mind is different than being awake. The awakened mind is like being the driver of your life and the sleeping mind is the passenger. As the passenger you go through life randomly and compulsive instead of conscious and intentional which is the path of the awakened mind.

Awakening the mind is about change. Changing how you think, feel and react ultimately changes the outcome of your life and experiences from random to desired.

Stacey is the real deal. She helped me with my grief and getting to the blockages I had in place that prevented me from healing. So fast, she got to the crux of the matter that I say was better than any traditional therapist that might take weeks. She tapped into souls living and past and knew my soul’s struggle that no one else knows. Her sessions are peaceful and raw at the same time. I never got that deep about my inner self and I felt the healing. Thank you Stacey. You are truly gifted.

Lelia Hall
St. Augustine, FL

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What Is The Core
Service Of The Practice?

Stacey McCann is a natural empath who has trained and honed her energy to the highest levels. She intuitively knows what you want and need and can help you tackle the core of your issues or problems. She does this by going beyond your five senses and into your 6th sense. It is in this awakening that Stacey finds the conflicts between what your mind wants and your body needs while simultaneously giving you a higher understanding and connection to yourself. This awakening results in healing as it increases your physical, mental and emotional intelligence and revitalizes your personal identity

How Stacey’s energy healing is different than other energy healing?

“I am specific, not general,” Stacey explains. “My energy is specific to your direct needs and problems addressing why you feel the way you do and reconnecting what the mind wants and the body needs to move you forward. Other energy healing modalities are generalized and may help the symptoms but don’t necessarily address the cause. In addition, I awaken your mind which connects you to your higher senses and allows you to operate from higher levels of your mind. This is like having the latest upgrades to your mind as you would on your phone or computer.”

Stacey McCann is one of a kind. She has a unique ability to tune in to exactly what I am feeling and understand it without my having to take hours to explain. In my life I’ve worked with many forms of healers, therapists, and coaches both traditional and alternative and none of them were able to pinpoint, clarify, and guide me in transitioning through an issue with the speed that Stacey can.

Lurah Bridges
St. Augustine, FL

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Restore Your Identity
Return to the person you really are – Free from the trauma of past experiences and emotions and free from the roles you play that take you away from you. Stacey McCann can help you find yourself again.

If you have an open mind, a desire to grow, to get re-connected, she’s the one to help you. She’s a Pro with. relationships, with health issues, emotions, and anything that is in the way of your peace and happiness. I highly recommend Stacey McCann

Robyn Polanco
St. Augustine, FL

Our Services

What I Do :
Awakening Session

Stacey helps individuals awaken their mind, which opens the door to their 6th sense. This 6th sense activates their higher intelligence which plays out as wisdom, knowledge, and the understanding that what they think and feel creates their experience. This awakening helps the individual recognize, organize and manage their thoughts and feelings to create experiences that are desired and wanted and not random and unwanted.

How I Do It:
Empathic Healing

Stacey McCann is an Empath and an experienced energy healer with the ability to understand how and why people feel the way they do. She can find and heal your hidden and suppressed thoughts and emotions by placing her hands on you and reconnecting what your mind wants and your body needs. A 45-minute Empathic Healing
or Awakening session with Stacey is a safe, noninvasive, relaxing, easy and effective way to change any problem or situation in your life. At the end of the session, Stacey will discuss with you what you need to do to move forward in your life.

What Is Mindkeeping?

  • MindKeeping is a meditation 
  • MindKeeping is a lifestyle 
  • MindKeeping is The New Human Technology to awaken the mind 


Technology is a way of life. We use every day for practically everything in our lives. Can you imagine a day without either you phone, tv or car? Look at how easy it is to cook a meal in a just few minutes. Technology has expanded our lives. It has given us greater opportunities, ideas and possibilities. We use it for everything except for ourselves. Mindkeeping changes that because it is The New Human Technology that bring us into sync with our created technology. This awakens and advances our mind to be in harmony with the new world around us creating a more peaceful and happy existence.  It’s also 100% natural and built into our physical mind so, all we have to do is learn how to use it.  



Have you taken a meditation class where you felt calm and relaxed only to lose that feeling 5 minutes after the class? MindKeeping solves that problem because it is a practice dedicated to teaching you the art of awakening the mind to manage and maintain that calm feeling for extended periods of time. Unlike traditional meditation, the emphasis is not on quieting the mind but engaging the mind to focus on situations that you want to change while providing the formula to make those positive changes happen.

MindKeeping can be practiced by anyone, anytime or anywhere from beginner to advanced.